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My mastodon instance is now back.

I wanna use it, but why does it need access to my direct messages? O well - I'll stay with my mastodon instance.

I just realized: mastodon looks similar to hootsuite. Interesting.

It's painful to see private IPs in your access logs - these are either your the load balancer or host VM...

That's it. Time to learn kubernetes.

I realized Docker Swarm sucks... It looks good in docs - actually using it is another thing

I'm getting so many emails about privacy policies. This new EU law looks serious man... It looks good for individuals too.

ProtonVPN is pretty good. Secure Core is kinda slow, but it's manageable.

Note to self: unless it's a security patch, don't update when it's not needed

ASUS' update bricked my router

Huh? I don't have stride team (deleted it already), yet I'm getting email notification? lol Atlassian

Sublime Text is blazing fast as usual

I can't run jetbrains alongside with gnome 3. My coworker said their products are bloated - I'm beginning to believe that.

old.reddit.com is my default reddit page

I don't know who to vote this election