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Updated my investment portfolio to be socially responsible.

Let's get those clean tech up. Make them if they don't exist.

Cloudflare just launched the world's first no-markup domain registrar, and I'm switching. dash.cloudflare.com/domains

Visual Studio Code is what Atom Editor should've been.

Sublime Text 3 vs Visual Studio Code: quite frankly, I'm slowly leaning towards the latter.

Teamviewer leaves ~/.config/teamviewer/client.conf on uninstall.

If you reinstall it back, the Sign in button will be disabled unless you rm that client.conf file.

telemetry.enableTelemetry and telemetry.enableCrashReporter should be false by default @code

Gmail needs to allow simple reordering of labels...

Wealthsimple Trade when?

Also, this is some backwards queue I've seen.

You can make a real difference in Mario Alfonso’s life. Join me on @Kiva kiva.org/invitedby/rainulf/for

Need to find place outside Toronto. So many cars everywhere. And buying a new one isn't gonna help it.

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Install and enable nginx realip module... how

I guess I can create a bot which mirror tweets of accounts I follow from twitter to mastodon.

ifttt fail. Disabling it for now... I can't have my mastodon replies be tweeted to Twitter lol